2 Chefs Found Dead, 1 Unconscious In Sylhet Party Centre

Two cooks, including a female who was found dead, and another one was saved in critical condition at a center for community at Kanaighat Upazila, Sylhet early on Wednesday morning.

They were Salma Begum 40 the daughter of the late Akkas Ali, who was a living in Tahirpur village in the Osmani Nagar upazila. Suhel Ahmedwho was 28. the son of late Rahmat Ullah, a resident of Noyagram in the Kanaighat upazila of Sylhet district, police said.

Local residents claimed that three cooks, which included dead and Nazim Uddin Bilalwho was 25 who is a resident of Brahmangram village in the Kanaighat upazila was cooking meals at the Ananda Community Centre of Gachhbari Bazar in the upazila until late on Tuesday, as an event to celebrate a wedding at the center was planned for Wednesday at noon.

The three people were able to rest in a bedroom on the 1st floor of the community center after having prepared the food items, according to them.

The organisers of the event discovered the chefs in an unconscious state in the kitchen around 7:00 am on Wednesday and the police were notified that they were unconscious, according to Kanaighat police investigation officer Zahidul Haque.

He claimed that the victims were transported by ambulance to the nearby Upazila Health Complex right after being rescued from the scene but the health complex's chief medical doctor confirmed Salma as well as Suhel dead upon their arrival.

Nazim was taken for treatment at Sylhet Osmani Medical College Hospital in critical condition to receive better treatment as per the police officer stated and added that the deceased bodies were also sent to the morgue of the hospital to undergo postmortem examinations.

In response to a question to a question, he said that the bedroom where they were sleeping is small and cramped because it was not ventilated.

The site was also filled with smoke as victims burned mosquito coils as well as charcoal to avoid the attack of mosquitoes, as well as cold bites during the dark, he explained.

They could have fallen ill due to low oxygen levels in the area,' a police officer explained, noting that the cause of the death is not clear prior to receiving reports of the postmortem and forensic examinations of the deceased bodies.

It was in the process of preparing to start a case of unnatural death in this regard.

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